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Bad Seed Society is a small web and graphic design studio based in the Lehigh Valley region of PA and we are made up of risk-taking, originality peddling rare-breeds devoted to embracing the unorthodox, remaining loyal to the rebel-mind whilst crafting visually stunning, memorable experiences and online environments for web, interfaces & the physical world.

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The New Status Symbol


A Human Experiment


We strictly adhere to the principle that an order to be an innovator, you first must reject the old to establish a new, better status quo. One the most enticing sources of newness is the rebel mind. And here we are, today is your lucky day.

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Skill Sets

Digital Marketing
eCommerce & CMS



Does anyone appreciate the word "Custom" anymore? We encourage you to step outside the box and see what artistic and creative freedom feels like. We are THAT studio that not only has that edge, that swag, that mystery we know all about moderation and timing. We know how to get you noticed and envied, and, I mean, isn't that the whole goal? You come to the right place, folks'!

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What we do


Meet Our


Introducing Danielle Danyluk & Gina Creazzo. They are line-crossers. Born full of surprises and covered in secret talents and living on the edge since they were born.
Find Gina's doppelganger at: Exileinblonde.com

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Be Cool

-HTML/CSS Development
-Responsive Design/Mobile Design
-Domain Registration & Hosting
-Blog Design and RSS Integration
-Content Development and Content Marketing
-Social Media Integration
-Website Maintenance
-Content Management Systems
-e-Commerce Solutions
-Email Marketing
-Social Media Marketing
-Web Applications
-Web Site Template Programs




Our team of digital marketing specialists can help drive and maintain quality traffic to your site or app, help measure performance and drive continual improvement. -Branding
-Logo Design
-Graphic Design Services
-Social Media Marketing & Integration
-Email Marketing
-Print & Production


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